Newport Cigarette Brand Exporters

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Newport Cigarette Brand

Newport Cigarettes

Exporters and Suppliers of Newport Cigarettes Brand

Newport cigarettes were launched in 1957 being America’s number one menthol cigarettes. Newport brand Manufactured by British American Tobacco. This brand offers a perfect balance of premium tobacco flavor and menthol. Initially Newport was promoted as cigarettes that allow you to: “Enjoy full flavor menthol, without drowning out pure tobacco taste.”
Newport Cigarettes are very much popular for their rich and tangy taste as well as perfect texture. We are there to fulfill your needs and make sure that you have the best quality Newport Cigarettes.

Newport Cigarette Exporter

Gulf Tobacco is an Exporter and Supplier of Newport Cigarettes. We are offering Competitive Export Price for the Buyers and Importers of Newport Cigarette Brand. We are Exporting all Newport Cigarettes Varieties.

Newport Cigarette Varieties
Newport Box (Full Flavor) (Lights)
Newport Smooth Select (Full Flavor)
Newport Menthol Blue (Medium)
Newport Menthol Gold (Light)
Newport Non-Menthol
Newport Menthol Gold (Light)
Newport Non-Menthol Gold
Newport Platinum Blue
Newport Platinum Silver
1 Carton contain 10 Packs = 200 Cigarettes

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