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Rothmans Cigarette Brand

Rothmans Cigarettes

Exporters and Suppliers of Rothmans Cigarettes Brand

Rothmans is a valuable representative of premium cigarette brands well-known in the entire world. Besides this, it is one of the oldest brands on the international tobacco market being created in 1890. Rothmans brand manufactured by British American Tobacco. In a very short time the brand became popular and today everyone knows it. Rothmans cigarettes are a good choice for sophisticated people who surround themselves with luxury things and give their preferences to premium cigarette brands to feel their fine taste.
Rothmans have unique flavor and specific aroma and has ensured a wide consumer base. It is not a simple brand. Rothmans cigarettes are heavier in weight in comparison with other cigarette brands.

Rothmans Cigarette Exporter

Gulf Tobacco is an Exporter and Supplier of Rothmans Cigarettes. We are offering Competitive Export Price for the Buyers and Importers of Rothmans Cigarette Brand. We are Exporting all Rothmans Cigarettes Varieties.

Rothmans Demi Blue
Rothmans Demi Click Amber
Rothmans Demi Click Purple
Rothmans Demi Royals Blue
Rothmans Demi Royals Silver
Rothmans Demi Silver
King Size
Rothmans Demi click
Rothmans King Size
Rothmans Special Mild (Red)
Super Slims
Rothmans Super Slims Blue
Rothmans Super Slims Silver

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