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Camel Cigarette Brand

Camel Cigarettes

Exporters and Suppliers of Camel Cigarettes Brand

Camel is an American Brand of Cigarettes, currently owned and Manufactured by the R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company in the United States and by Japan Tobacco International outside of the United States. Most current Camel Cigarettes contain a Blend of Turkish Tobacco and Virginia Tobacco. Camel Cigarettes are popular not only in the USA, but also in other 100 countries due to their attractively Low Price and Perfect taste. Smokers from around the World do appreciate Camel Cigarettes for their Excellent Quality and Exotic Aroma.

Camel Cigarettes Brand Exporter

Gulf Tobacco is an Exporter and Supplier of Camel Cigarettes. We are offering Competitive Export Price for the Buyers and Importers of Camel Cigarette Brand. We are exporting all Camel Cigarettes Varieties which are divided into Four Size Packs, King Size, Compact, Super Slim and Nano.

King Size
Camel Filters
Camel Lights (Blue)
Camel Super Lights (Silver)
Camel Mild
Camel One
Camel Natural Flavor 4
Camel Natural Flavor 6
Camel Natural Flavor 8
Camel Compact Activate
Camel Compact Blue
Camel Compact Silver
Super Slims
Camel Black Super Slims 100s
Camel White Super Slims 100s
Camel Black (mini)
Camel White (mini)

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